[chapel-lang/chapel] Increase the timeout for gasnet-ibv-fast performan

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Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #16330 from ronawho/bump-gn-ibv-fast-perf-timeout

Increase the timeout for gasnet-ibv-fast performance testing

When the machine we run on has been up long enough, tests that use a
large fraction of memory like ISx start taking longer and hitting our
timeout under gasnet-ibf-fast. This is a performance issue and not a
hang or correctness issue, so bump the timeout. We’ll still track the
issue as a performance regression in our graphs, it just won’t create
noise in nightly regression mails.

See https://github.com/Cray/chapel-private/issues/443 for more info

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M util/cron/test-perf.cray-cs.gasnet-ibv.fast.bash

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