Chapel installation on Windows

Good morning everyone, I am very interested in the Chapel language, as I am doing a PhD in numerical methods. However, I am having some problems installing the compiler for Chapel using Cygwin on the Windows operating system. After I have installed Cygwin including make and GCC-G ++, I am trying to follow the steps available at, but I am like this problem:
Gilmar Edson @ LAPTOP-CFHC8FOE ~ / chapel-1.24.0
source util/setchplenv.bash -bash: cd: too many arguments Error: CHPL_HOME is not where it is expected

Someone would know to tell me if there is any solution to fix this error. Thanks.

Hi @Schewtschik

My guess is that you've installed Chapel in a directory that contains spaces, if you print it out using pwd? From the Cygwin documentation:

It is best to unpack the release in a directory whose path contains no spaces. For example, unpacking the release in the root directory of your hard-drive ( /cygdrive/c/ ) to create /cygdrive/c/chapel tends to work well. Currently, our compiler-generated Makefiles break when the compiler or runtime use an absolute path that contains spaces. If any Cygwin experts have tips on addressing this issue in a portable way, please let us know.

Let us know whether or not this is the cause.

[BTW, if you are running a modern version of Windows and have Windows Subsystem for Linux / Linux Bash Shell available to you, that tends to be the preferable way to use Chapel on Windows systems. It should result in better performance and flexibility.]


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I appreciate the attention. The problem was even a space in the directory name. Thanks.

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