Bug in phase() and log() of complex

The result of phase() or log() on a complex argument is broken if that argument has a real component of zero. The former is the new name for carg(). It might only be in the LLVM version of the compiler. The phase returns a NaN. The imaginary component of the complex logarithm (which is the phase of the original argument) also returns an NaN. It should be one of +/-pi/2.

I can post a simple fix for the former soon but I am not sure what a simple (but still accurate robust) fix for the latter is.

Huh, thanks for noticing that, Damian! Considering how strongly we rely
on C's definitions under the covers, it'd probably be worth reporting to
LLVM as well.


Ignore this posting. It was a bug with the casting operator to complex.
Brad fixed the bug in 8 weeks ago so the problem goes away with the latest release.

I was inadvertently using 1.33.0 to do my testing. Silly me.