Announcing Chapel 1.24.1 with major InfiniBand improvements

Hi Chapel Community —

Today, we're releasing Chapel 1.24.1, which was motivated primarily by some dramatic—and late-breaking—performance and scaling improvements for InfiniBand-based systems. Chapel 1.24.1 also includes a few improvements to enum ranges, and is our first release ever to have no known memory leaks (!).

We've already published the detailed release notes for Chapel 1.24.1, which focus exclusively on the InfiniBand-related changes. Notes on the other changes can be found in the file. Chapel 1.24.1 can be downloaded or installed in the usual ways, where we're still working on getting the HomeBrew formula updated at the time of this writing.

As a teaser, here's a graph showing the magnitude of performance and scalability improvements one can see for InfiniBand systems in this release:

(the 1.24.0 numbers are similar to 1.23.0, but it had not yet been released when these numbers were gathered).

Thanks very much to the GASNet team at Lawrence Berkeley Labs for their responsiveness in helping us diagnose and address these performance issues once we discovered them.

On behalf of the Chapel developer community,