Visualise locale concept

I’m trying to visualise the locale and task concepts using a diagram.
This is my attempt, I hope I understand correctly, a locale can have multiple processors and storage capacity.

Are there anything else I can add to it? Or anything wrong with it?

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Hi @Allie

I think that’s a reasonable sketch of what a locale looks like. A few refinements to consider would be:

  • to move the CPUs down closer to the memory since they both represent system resources

  • I might also use a different shape/type/color of box for the tasks and code vs. the CPUs and memory since the former represent logical code structures while the latter represent physical system resources.

  • note that the “memory” box in the tasks is a chunk of memory from the main physical memory rather than some distinct physical memory that belongs to the tasks in some way. So it might be more accurate to have them refer to a stripe of memory (similar to how they refer to a stripe of code?) rather than seeming to carry their own memory around.

  • since the tasks run on the CPUs, it might also be useful to visually indicate that in some way (could be another arrow indicating “this task runs on this CPU”. Or it could be an alignment of tasks to CPUs.