New Issue: Unify / improve event descriptions tracked by CommDiagnostics

16957, “bradcray”, “Unify / improve event descriptions tracked by CommDiagnostics”, “2021-01-15T22:46:40Z”

At present, the different categories of events tracked by the CommDiagnostics module are described in different ways in different output forms.

  • the VerboseComm logging mode uses English descriptions of the events
  • when viewing the results by printing the records storing the counts or the tabular form, the field names are used

This issue proposes that we have a single way of talking about these event types in each of the output forms and use them consistently. This could be done, for example, by:

  • coming up with field names that are sufficiently clear that they can be used in all contexts (though this is limiting since fields can’t contain spaces)
  • having an array of strings describing the events of the corresponding field names
  • storing the counts using an array of integers indexed using an enum; and an array of strings sharing those indices
  • etc.

Other notes on this topic:

  • it was proposed that the use of the word “remote” in the current logging mode was extraneous given the inherent role of the CommDiagnostics module in tracking remote operations
  • the execute_on prefix was noted as being more historical than useful while also making the current labels longer than ideal (i.e., wide columns in the tabular form)

For reference, the events currently being tracked by the module are:

  • gets
  • nonblocking gets
  • puts
  • nonblocking puts
  • tests for nonblocking puts/gets
  • waits for nonblocking puts/gets
  • non-blocking waits for nonblocking puts/gets
  • amos
  • blocking active messages
  • non-blocking active messages
  • “fast” active messages
  • cache get hits
  • cache get misses
  • cache put hits
  • cache put misses