New Issue: SysBasic module: should we deprecate ENOERR?

20129, "lydia-duncan", "SysBasic module: should we deprecate ENOERR?", "2022-06-30T21:37:07Z"

It seems like we made it up, it's not a POSIX error code. It could be considered to make code more self-documenting (saying "check if this code means 'no errors' " versus "check if this code is zero and I know zero means 'no errors' "), but it's intended for error codes which are a low level C concept and this is something new rather than following precedent and potentially could confuse people into thinking it doesn't match what C expects when no error occurred.

If we do keep it visible for users, it should have a more Chapel oriented name. Where would it live in that case?

It seemed like there was some division over whether it was useful, but if we did keep it no suggestions for where it should live