New Issue: Support comparisons between version numbers and floating point params

16498, “bradcray”, “Support comparisons between version numbers and floating point params”, “2020-09-28T23:37:30Z”

In #15911, @mppf proposed that supporting comparisons between floating point values and version values would probably avoid most cases that would need to use createVersion(), which seemed promising. For example, imagine if chplVersion > 1.23 then ....

I thought this would be a piece of cake to implement, but am running into troubles based on the limits of what our param machinery can currently support. Specifically, the ways I can think of for converting the minor version portion of a float to an integer requires either support for:

  • casting a param real to a param string (or bytes) which it looks like we don’t support (?)
  • querying the decimal portion of a param real as an int (which I’m not surprised we don’t support at present)

Other than this piece, I’ve got the rest of this implemented [and will link to the branch here once I push it up].