New Issue: smokeTest script: Ignore files that aren't in the repo

19215, "bradcray", "smokeTest script: Ignore files that aren't in the repo", "2022-02-08T03:50:18Z"

At present, when running util/buildRelease/smokeTest lint manually on my copy of the repo, I get a number of errors regarding things like files not having the right copyrights when they shouldn't (e.g., they're C header files installed by c2chapel) or don't need to (e.g., they're files that I've created with no intention of committing to git). This makes it challenging to run the script manually on a tree prior to creating a PR; or to have our Makefiles run it by request (which is what I was attempting), and it makes the script less useful when run outside of the GitHub actions space.

Here, I'm proposing that the script either run only on files that are part of the git repo, or that the user be able to invoke just a sub-portion of the linting step (like the whitespace check, which is already focused on files known to git).