New Issue: Should util/quickstart/setchplenv.bash use system LLVM when available?

20273, "mppf", "Should util/quickstart/setchplenv.bash use system LLVM when available?", "2022-07-20T15:48:44Z"

Now that we are building the LLVM support library when CHPL_LLVM=none, I am finding that a quicker quickstart, for me personally, would set CHPL_LLVM=system. However if LLVM isn't installed, that's definitely not the right setting for quickstart. But util/quickstart/setchplenv.bash could run some of our chplenv Python code in order to determine if a system LLVM would be used and in that case leave CHPL_LLVM=system.

Is that a good idea? Would we want to do it for other libraries?

Another way to think about this question is this: which is more important about quickstart - that it is quick? or that it is a consistent configuration across systems?