New Issue: Should tuples promote?

19543, "bradcray", "Should tuples promote?", "2022-03-25T01:40:56Z"

While reviewing New version of nbody by bradcray · Pull Request #19537 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub in the performance meeting today, it was noted that if tuples supported promotion, certain idioms could be written more cleanly.

For example, rather than:

for b in bodies do
    b.pos += dt * b.vel;


  for param i in 0..<numBodies do
    bodies[i].pos += dt * bodies[i].vel;

we could potentially just write:

bodies.pos += dt * bodies.vel;

which seems natural / attractive.

Related issue: Presence of [parallel?] these() should enable promotion · Issue #5114 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub