New Issue: Should 'OrderedSet' and 'OrderedMap' be named 'SortedSet' and 'SortedMap'?

18449, "e-kayrakli", "Should 'OrderedSet' and 'OrderedMap' be named 'SortedSet' and 'SortedMap'?", "2021-09-23T17:44:52Z"

We have OrderedSet and OrderedMap package modules that provide orderedSet and orderedMap data structures that are basically a set and a map, but store the items in a sorted order. To sort the items, their initializers accept a comparator object that is used to compare two items, similar to the routines in the Sort module.

However, the word "ordered" can mean that items are stored in the order that they were added, which is not the case.

So, should we rename those modules and the corresponding data structures to make this clear?