New Issue: Should 'domain.dims()' be paren-less?

17916, "vasslitvinov", "Should 'domain.dims()' be paren-less?", "2021-06-14T17:24:35Z"

This issue was raised during our domain module review on 6/10.

Arguments in favor of dims being paren-less:

  • This follows our library style guidelines because:
    • it is a "property" of a domain
    • it could be (and is, in some cases) implemented as a field
    • its name does not start with "is" or "has"

Arguments in favor of keeping dims parenthesized:

  • dims() requires some work to compute, so parens are OK.
  • dims() is not ugly. We wouldn't want to impose on users the burden of switching to paren-less dims.