New Issue: Running 'chpldoc' twice fails to report warnings / generate an error

19599, "bradcray", "Running 'chpldoc' twice fails to report warnings / generate an error", "2022-04-05T18:17:49Z"

When chpldoc was changed to incrementally rebuild only module
documentation that had been changed since its last run, it also
sweeps errors under the rug if the files containing the errors are not
edited between runs.

As an example:

  • introduce an intentional error into one of the chpldoc strings of a documented module
  • run make docs—this should break the build with a warning pointing to the error in the doc string
  • run make docs again—this time it passes, but shouldn't.

One effect of this is that you can think you have a clean build of the docs on your desktop, only to have it fail once docs are built in a PR's CI process.

To fix this, presumably the logic that implements the incremental rebuilds would need to be updated to always recompile files that generate warnings.