New Issue: problem with nil locale

16872, “mppf”, “problem with nil locale”, “2020-12-15T16:20:25Z”

In working on PR #16871 I am running into an odd problem with code like the following. I am seeing a failed ! on nil error for a locale. The below program prints out nil as the value of a locale in a comm=none configuration.

use BlockDist;

config const n = 100000;

record R {
  var firstLocaleId = 0;
  var lastLocaleId = 0;

  iter localeAndIds(A) {
    const ref tgtLocs = A.targetLocales();
    for tid in firstLocaleId..lastLocaleId {
      yield (tgtLocs[tid], tid);

proc mytest() {
  writeln("iterating over locales");
  for loc in Locales {
    writeln("loc=", loc, "",;

  writeln("iterating over locales with localeAndIds");
  var D = {0..#n};
  var DD: domain(1) dmapped Block(boundingBox=D) = D;
  var A: [DD] int;

  var myR = new R();
  coforall (loc,tid) in myR.localeAndIds(A) do
  on loc do {
    writeln("loc=", loc, "",, " tid=", tid);