New Issue: meaning of '*' '/' '%' 'op=' on domains and ranges

19264, "vasslitvinov", "meaning of '*' '/' '%' 'op=' on domains and ranges", "2022-02-17T20:45:03Z"

This proposal is to define   *   /   %   op=   on domains and ranges as follows:

  • no special handling for   *   /   % ; using these operators with one or two domains/ranges will lead to promotion if possible
  • *=   /=   %=   with a domain/range lhs are a compilation error

Discussion: the first rule is a natural choice, as there is no clearly-better alternative and no need to create one. For op=, while there is a natural semantics for these operations -- perform the binary operation and store the result -- it is currently unimplemented and is unlikely to be desired. Making these a compilation error for now allows us to enable them later if desired.