New Issue: Math module - unifying argument names

19005, "lydia-duncan", "Math module - unifying argument names", "2022-01-14T16:54:02Z"

Argument name for a lot of the functions vary depending on the type of the argument - I see i for integer, x for real and z for complex but not always. I think these argument names should be unified (probably to x?).

There are two categories of functions that use a different strategy than the above. I think they should also be unified, but it seemed worth calling out how they are different in case they should stay as exceptions:

  • divceil, etc use m and n for their argument names. Should it be x and y instead? They at least seem to be consistent with each other. mod also mostly uses the same names, but not always.
  • log uses x for the argument name except for the log2 variants which use val. These should be unified (to x, I believe)