New Issue: Math module - log function and log/ln param names are inconsistent

18995, "lydia-duncan", "Math module - log function and log/ln param names are inconsistent", "2022-01-13T22:59:15Z"

The param values declared at the beginning of the Math module use ln for natural logarithm and log for other bases, while the functions use log for natural logarithm and log2 or log10 for other specific bases. My understanding was that log implied base 10, though it seems that is not consistent everywhere.

This issue proposes that we make the names of the functions and params consistent. To do this, we would:

  • use ln whenever the natural logarithm is used
  • use log10 for base 10 and log2 for base 2
  • not provide a default base for log

This has the benefit of being explicit and clear about what is being used. There should be no confusion about what each name means following this strategy