New Issue: Make 'numLocales' a 'param' for 'CHPL_COMM=none'?

18607, "bradcray", "Make 'numLocales' a 'param' for 'CHPL_COMM=none'?", "2021-10-22T20:15:22Z"

While talking with a user today, we were talking about coding idioms that would be more
or less expensive when used in a single- vs. multi-locale setting. One idiom that was
intriguing to me was:

var slots = someExpr % numLocales;

where he was wondering whether he would need to special case this part of the code
to avoid the mod for a single-locale run. This made me wonder whether we make
numLocales a param for CHPL_COMM=none compiles, where it seems that the
answer is "no." But it seems like we could and that this could have some minor benefits,
doesn't it?