New Issue: Internal error in copy propagation (OPT-COP-ION-0949)

19598, "bradcray", "Internal error in copy propagation (OPT-COP-ION-0949)", "2022-04-05T17:47:12Z"

Summary of Problem

In changing an argument from default intent:

proc revcomp(buf, lo, hi) {

to in intent:

proc revcomp(buf, in lo, hi) {

I ran into an internal error in copy propagation:

internal error: OPT-COP-ION-0949 chpl version 1.27.0 pre-release (d3784d28a2)

Internal errors indicate a bug in the Chapel compiler ("It's us, not you"),
and we're sorry for the hassle.  We would appreciate your reporting this bug --
please see for instructions.  In the meantime,
the filename + line number above may be useful in working around the issue.

Adding a manual local variable works around the issue but should not be necessary:

proc revcomp(buf, loArg, hi) {
  var lo = loArg;

(and, of course, any internal error is a bug).

Steps to Reproduce

Associated Future Test(s):
test/studies/shootout/reverse-complement/bradc/revcomp-blc-copyPropBug.chpl #19596

Configuration Information

  • Output of chpl --version: chpl version 1.27.0 pre-release (ee4bae6752)