New Issue: I/O module: what to do with readWriteThisFromLocale?

19488, "mppf", "I/O module: what to do with readWriteThisFromLocale?", "2022-03-18T14:47:59Z"

Today we have this:

proc channel.readWriteThisFromLocale() : locale

It takes no arguments and returns the locale where the I/O operation started. It is needed for printing out a Replicated thing, since in doing the I/O we have an on statement.

But, it needs a clearer name.
Additionally, it seems very tied to the way the channel implementation works today in terms of ‘on’ statements. In particular, if we do Remote file local channel.chapel-lang/chapel#7953 it could change behavior.


  • Rename it to something more descriptive and mark it unstable
  • Open Q: What to rename it to, specifically?