New Issue: I/O Module: Deprecate ''file.tryGetPath()''

20267, "benharsh", "I/O Module: Deprecate ''file.tryGetPath()''", "2022-07-20T02:06:30Z"

This issue concerns the method file.tryGetPath():

proc file.tryGetPath() : string

This method returns either the result of file.path, or the string "unknown" if there was an error in file.path. This method's primary purpose is in generating a file path for error messages, where we don't want to throw any unrelated error from file.path:

try ioerror(err, "foo", this.tryGetPath());

We should deprecate this method and use a no-doc'd wrapper internally within the IO module.

Eventually it would be nice if there was some help from error handling in creating a default value if an error was encountered.