New Issue: I/O module: change writeBytes to writeData

19493, "mppf", "I/O module: change writeBytes to writeData", "2022-03-18T15:03:37Z"

Today we have this:

proc channel.writeBytes(x, len: ssize_t) : bool throws
  • Docs do not say what types can be passed in & the routine is generic
  • It seems weird to use a C interop type for the size here
  • Inconsistent camel casing with readbytes


proc writer.writeData(data, numBytes: int): void throws
  • This function will ignore the channel’s Encoder (and always output binary)

  • ‘data’ can be any of:

    • string, bytes
    • 1-D contiguous array of POD elements
    • c_ptr, c_void_ptr
  • Q: is the name ‘writeData’ OK? Could use ‘writeBytes’ or ‘writeBuffer’ or ‘writeMemory’