New Issue: Feature Request: 'mason convert chpl <normal chpl command-line arguments>'

17972, "bradcray", "Feature Request: 'mason convert chpl '", "2021-06-23T17:52:41Z"

As an ancient programmer who invokes compilers by hand and writes Makefiles, but would like to get started with mason, I'm wondering whether mason could support a command that would help transition me over fairly painlessly. E.g., if I normally compile as:

$ chpl --flag1 --flag2 Foo.chpl Bar.chpl

could we create a command to help create a new mason project from that compiler command line, such as:

$ mason convert chpl --flag1 --flag2 Foo.chpl Bar.chpl

which would take an action similar to mason init but go further by looking at my command line (and/or maybe the sources themselves) to get me started? How far could we push this (from "everything will simply work" to "we get a framework set up for you that's n% of the way there, but you'll have to fill in the rest"?)