New Issue: 'DateTime' module stabilization - module name and contents

18942, "aconsroe-hpe", "'DateTime' module stabilization - module name and contents", "2022-01-07T20:31:53Z"

As part of the module review for DateTime, we had initial discussions about renaming the module and its relation to the current Time module.

In #16394 there is already some discussion leaning towards renaming DateTime to Time and folding Time in there as well.

Another possible name for the module like this would be Chrono.

If we do fold the Time module into DateTime, there might be a desire to keep enum TimeUnits. With the tentative plan to drop sleep and move Timer, the rest of the functionality (like getCurrentTime) would overlap with what record time provides and could be dropped.

I'll open the discussion by saying I like the name Chrono. I have a bit more motivation for a new module (and hence name) but let's focus this discussion on a name, whether Time is folding into this module, and if so, what stays from Time