New Issue: Compiler segfault (UTI-MIS-0916) in task intent code

17759, "bradcray", "Compiler segfault (UTI-MIS-0916) in task intent code", "2021-05-17T19:39:39Z"

Summary of Problem

Compiling the following program results in a compiler segfault, seemingly in the code that introduces task intents:

record R {
  var data: [1..3] real;

record S {
  var rr: R;

  proc foo() {
    forall i in 1..3 {[i] = i;


var s: S;;

Surprisingly, changing the declaration of s to:

var s = new S();

causes it to pass.

Steps to Reproduce

Associated Future Test(s):

Configuration Information

  • Output of chpl --version: 1.25.0 pre-release (8200e791de)