New Issue: Compiler aborts on "this argument has unknown type"

19280, "aconsroe-hpe", "Compiler aborts on "this argument has unknown type"", "2022-02-18T20:49:03Z"

When modifying a program, I had switched something to the effect of renaming record R to record _R without changing the init methods. This currently aborts in the normalize pass:

proc R.init() {}
chpl test/segfault.chpl
../chapel2/test/segfault.chpl:6: internal error: PAS-NOR-IZE-4531 chpl version 1.26.0 pre-release (2005de5b22)
chpl --devel test/segfault.chpl
test/segfault.chpl:6: internal error: 'this' argument has unknown type [passes/normalize.cpp:4533]

Today, that is:

Reproduced on 1.25.1 and main.

In this case, the --devel error message might be suitable to show the user because even though they both contain the file and line number, the --devel gives more info. Or maybe its best handled with a check earlier in the pipeline.