Mason new version number

I see that “mason new” sets the version number of the project to 0.1.0. Is there a reason for this instead of using 0.0.0?

Mason packages follow semantic versioning and recommends:

How should I deal with revisions in the 0.y.z initial development phase?

The simplest thing to do is start your initial development release at 0.1.0 and then increment the minor version for each subsequent release.

OK, but that seems to indicate Semantic Versioning doesn’t understand the role of 0 as a version number. :frowning:

@russel - That’s right, anything before 1.0.0 is not bound to sem ver rules. So you are free to use 0.0.0 as the first version of your package if you’d like. Mason uses the default of 0.1.0 because of the semver guidance linked above.

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