External Issue: Support for anonymous C unions/structs in c2chapel

17426, "souris-dev", "Support for anonymous C unions/structs in c2chapel", "2021-03-18T07:47:49Z"

Currently, c2chapel only recognizes C structs in a header file for automatic generation of extern definitions.
PR Support for C unions in c2chapel by souris-dev · Pull Request #17284 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub adds support for C unions in a header file and for anonymous C unions/structs (although for now, the changes in the PR just skip the fields in the anonymous union/struct so that c2chapel doesn't error out).

This issue exists to document the feature request for c2chapel to support anonymous C unions/structs by "squashing" the fields in the anonymous union/struct, so that something like this:

typedef struct someStruct {
    int int_field;
    // Anonymous union
    union {
        char alpha;
        int num;
} someStruct;

becomes this when processed by c2chapel:

extern record someStruct {
  var int_field: c_int;
  var alpha: c_char;
  var num: c_int;