External Issue: 'import M.{this}' is a no-op?

18267, "BryantLam", "'import M.{this}' is a no-op?", "2021-08-20T17:37:49Z"

Bug. This code uses A.fnA() but it doesn't resolve because import A.{this} doesn't appear to do anything.

module A {
    proc fnA() {}
    module B {
        proc fnB() {}

module SomeOtherFile {
    proc main() {
        // import A;
        // import A.B;
        import A.{this, B};
chpl version 1.25.0 pre-release (aa8f9f979)
+ chpl -o this-path this-path.chpl
this-path.chpl:9: In function 'main':
this-path.chpl:13: error: 'A' undeclared (first use this function)

Replacing with the commented-out lines is the workaround. (I believe the statements are equivalent.)