External Issue: gather-cray-prgenv-arguments.bash not installed on Cray XC

17856, "PHHargrove", "gather-cray-prgenv-arguments.bash not installed on Cray XC", "2021-05-28T23:22:55Z"

I am seeing a new failure mode in our CI testing on on NERSC's Cray XC, Cori. This was first seen with commit 7e877bf8f9 on May 26. The previous CI run was a success about 2 weeks earlier on May 13 (the big gap due to an extended system maintenance). I am not aware of anything relevant that changed in our CI scripts, but due to the NERSC center maintenance I cannot claim that nothing changed on the system.

From the output below, it looks to me like a key script is not getting copied by make install. The utils/config dir has some files, but not the one in the error messages.

$ chpl -o fft --ieee-float fft.chpl
sh: /[INSTALL_PREFIX]/util/config/gather-cray-prgenv-arguments.bash: No such file or directory
sh: /[INSTALL_PREFIX]/util/config/gather-cray-prgenv-arguments.bash: No such file or directory
internal error: LLV-CLA-TIL-3851 chpl version 1.25.0 pre-release (0)
Internal errors indicate a bug in the Chapel compiler ("It's us, not you"),
and we're sorry for the hassle.  We would appreciate your reporting this bug -- 
please see https://chapel-lang.org/bugs.html for instructions.  In the meantime,
the filename + line number above may be useful in working around the issue.