[Chapel Merge] Use chpl-venv for c2chapel python dependencies

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Revision: 1837e9c
Author: mppf
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Merge pull request #16611 from mppf/c2chapel-chpl-venv

Use chpl-venv for c2chapel python dependencies

The dependency is pycparser. We still download the tarball
for it for the fake headers since those are not included
in the pip package.

  • [x] make check works in tools/c2chapel

Reviewed by @lydia-duncan - thanks!

Modified Files:
A third-party/chpl-venv/c2chapel-requirements.txt
M Makefile
M third-party/Makefile
M third-party/chpl-venv/Makefile
M third-party/chpl-venv/Makefile.include
M third-party/chpl-venv/README.md
M tools/c2chapel/Makefile
M tools/c2chapel/c2chapel

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/41cc7d7897f5...1837e9c93dbf