[Chapel Merge] Upgrade sphinxcontrib version, fix some spec highl

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Revision: c93c868
Author: e-kayrakli
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Merge pull request #16862 from e-kayrakli/revert-spec-workarounds

Upgrade sphinxcontrib version, fix some spec highligting issues

This PR:

[Reviewed by @mppf and @lydia-duncan]


  • [x] third-party/chpl-venv builds
  • [x] make docs generates correct highlighting for the changed cases

Modified Files:
M doc/rst/language/spec/generics.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/task-parallelism-and-synchronization.rst
M third-party/chpl-venv/chpldoc-requirements.txt

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/b6336ba2b069...c93c868ebdcc