[Chapel Merge] Updated the .docx and the .pdf for quickReference.

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Author: vasslitvinov
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Update quickReference (#16548) by vasslitvinov

Updated the .docx and the .pdf for quickReference.

Page 1 changes:

  • Modules: cleaned up the comments
  • Expression Precedence - for comma: “comma separated expression” -> “expression list”

Page 2 changes:

  • throughout: removed owned in new expressions
    kept owned in type annotations
  • Classes: added nilable type
  • Tuples: 1 to 0-based
  • Ranges: added an open range
  • Domains and Arrays: emptyRecDom -> rectangular; add “1-d”
  • Domain Maps: added a 2-line comment for D
  • Reductions+Scans: added minmax
  • Iterators: revised the comments
  • Locality: var c is now nillable
  • More Information: following BenA’s proposal on chat

Signed-off-by: Vassily Litvinov vasslitvinov@users.noreply.github.com
r: @mppf

Modified Files:
M doc/rst/language/quickReference.docx
M doc/rst/language/quickReference.pdf

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