[Chapel Merge] Update ordering of .good files after map changes

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Revision: 033925e
Author: bmcdonald3
Link: Update ordering of .good files after map changes by bmcdonald3 · Pull Request #18668 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #18668 from bmcdonald3/map-tests

Update ordering of .good files after map changes

[ trivial, not reviewed ]

Michael pointed out that some of the map tests had their ordering changed, which means the .good files need to be updated. I have opened up https://github.com/Cray/chapel-private/issues/2649 to suggest a more long-term solution to this issue with this PR having the short-term fix of reordering the .good files.

  • [x] paratest

    Modified Files:
    M test/associative/diten/enumArrays.good
    M test/classes/bradc/arrayInClass/arrayOfArithInClass.good
    M test/classes/bradc/arrayInClass/genericArrayInClass-arith.good
    M test/classes/bradc/arrayInClass/genericArrayInClass-otharrs.good
    M test/classes/bradc/arrayInClass/genericArrayInClass-real.good
    M test/classes/bradc/arrayInClass/genericClassArray-named.good
    M test/library/standard/DataFrames/psahabu/HelloDataFrame.good
    M test/library/standard/DataFrames/psahabu/MutateDataFrame.good

    Compare: Comparing 915128921e1e...033925eacb8f · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub