[Chapel Merge] Suppress unbounded enum/bool tests for --baseline;

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Revision: 9f97b03
Author: bradcray
Link: Suppress unbounded enum/bool tests for --baseline; add future showing bug by bradcray · Pull Request #20038 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #20038 from bradcray/file-bug-for-non-inlined-iterator-methods

Suppress unbounded enum/bool tests for --baseline; add future showing bug

[trivial, not reviewed]

When #19991 was merged, we started seeing failures for the new tests
with --baseline testing where the loops would go into an infinite
loop. This was no worse than the behavior prior to #19991 (also an
infinite loop), and turns out to be a pre-existing condition (at least
as far back as 1.25.0) that relates to iterator methods on unbounded
ranges being assumed to be infinite by default, so the compiler hard-
codes the loop's termination condition to never occur.

For this reason, I've added a '.suppressif' to the tests that were
causing infinite loops in testing to silence them when compiled with
--baseline or --no-inline-iterators for the time being, and also
refactored the tests a bit to detect the infinite loop early rather than
waiting for a timeout and generating too much data.

Modified Files:
A test/functions/iterators/bugs/no-inline-method-iter.bad

A test/functions/iterators/bugs/no-inline-method-iter.chpl
A test/functions/iterators/bugs/no-inline-method-iter.compopts
A test/functions/iterators/bugs/no-inline-method-iter.future
A test/functions/iterators/bugs/no-inline-method-iter.good
A test/types/range/unbounded/unboundedBoolEnum.suppressif
A test/types/range/unbounded/unboundedEnumIntVals.suppressif
M test/types/range/unbounded/unboundedBoolEnum.chpl
M test/types/range/unbounded/unboundedEnumIntVals.chpl

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