[Chapel Merge] Stop the launcher from generating deprecation warn

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Revision: 8fa4cda
Author: lydia-duncan
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Merge pull request #17896 from lydia-duncan/fixDuplicateWarningForGasnet

Stop the launcher from generating deprecation warnings about execution configs
[reviewed by @gbtitus, and thanks to suggestions from various folks over chat]

We were accidentally generating a warning message for deprecated symbols in both
the launcher and the executable, leading to duplicate deprecation messages when
running with CHPL_LAUNCHER != none. This change adjusts the runtime's handling
of the deprecation message so that it doesn't get generated when called in the
launcher. This change also fixes a bug where we were generating a warning message
per locale instead of per program.

Resolves #17894

Add a new test to lock in that we no longer generate extra warnings for deprecated configs
in multilocale programs.

Passed full paratest with futures and release/examples with CHPL_COMM=gasnet (plus
the test/deprecated-keyword directory)

Modified Files:
A test/deprecated-keyword/handleConfigMultilocale.chpl

A test/deprecated-keyword/handleConfigMultilocale.execopts
A test/deprecated-keyword/handleConfigMultilocale.good
A test/deprecated-keyword/handleConfigMultilocale.numlocales
A test/deprecated-keyword/handleConfigMultilocale.skipif
M runtime/src/config.c

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/ce0884958516...8fa4cda601c3