[Chapel Merge] Shared Memory Concurrent Map (#16704)

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Merge pull request #16704 from dgarvit/map

Shared Memory Concurrent Map (#16704)

Adds a fast, scalable, fine-grained concurrent map to the package
modules. Its API attempts to match the Map standard module, and
may be suitable as a replacement implementation or as reference
material for future efforts.

This effort has been long in the undertaking. A very special thanks
to @dgarvit for continuing to work on this PR and prepare it for

Thanks to @dgarvit, @LouisJenkinsCS!

Reviewed by @dlongnecke-cray.


  • [x] library/packages/ConcurrentMap on linux64 and darwin
    (w/ COMM=none and COMM=gasnet)
  • [x] Viewed docs locally


  • Explore using ConcurrentMap as a drop-in replacement for Map

  • Get ConcurrentMap to work with owned and shared

    Modified Files:
    A modules/packages/ConcurrentMap.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testAddSet.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testAddSet.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testClear.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testClear.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testContains.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testContains.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testEquality.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testEquality.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testExtend.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testExtend.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testGetRemove.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/testGetRemove.good
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/utilFunctions.chpl
    A test/library/packages/ConcurrentMap/utilFunctions.notest
    M modules/Makefile

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