[Chapel Merge] Revert "Skip building the docs in linux32 testing"

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Revision: 6b17b80
Author: lydia-duncan
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Merge pull request #17921 from lydia-duncan/revertSquashDocs

Revert "Skip building the docs in linux32 testing"
[reviewed by @ronawho]

We turned off testing of chpldoc on linux32 because our machine that runs linux32
testing had too old of a Python version. Now that the machine is updated, we can
remove this code.

Passed a full paratest with futures and ensured that the impacted directory
still runs

Modified Files:
A test/mason/mason-doc/SKIPIF

R test/mason/mason-doc/SKIPIF
M test/man/checkManPages
M util/cron/nightly

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/6ba33a15bcf6...6b17b805d721