[Chapel Merge] Revert PR #17453

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Revision: 5987b07
Author: bradcray
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Merge pull request #18359 from bradcray/revert-pr-17453

Revert PR #17453

[reviewed by @ronawho]

While prepping for Chapel 1.25, we found two issues with PR #17453:

  1. It didn't compile on FreeBSD 13 (due to not being able to find symbol timezone)
  2. We realized that the use of third-party code in the solution had not been reviewed to determine if the license and code organization were as desired.

For these reasons, we're backing out PR #17453 for the purposes of Chapel 1.25 and re-opening issue #16922.

In this PR, I've:

  • backed out #17453

  • retained its tests in modified forms as futures

  • updated its docs to indicate its (potential) instability (I haven't had the time to investigate whether the current behavior is as expected or not) and restriction to C's strptime format strings.

    Modified Files:
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime.bad
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime.future
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime2.bad
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime2.chpl
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime2.future
    A test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime2.good
    R runtime/include/chpl-strptime.h
    R runtime/src/chpl-strptime.c
    R test/deprecated/strptime.chpl
    R test/deprecated/strptime.good
    M modules/packages/TOML.chpl
    M modules/standard/DateTime.chpl
    M runtime/include/stdchpl.h
    M runtime/src/Makefile.share
    M test/library/standard/DateTime/strptime.chpl

    Compare: Comparing 16b4c591f999...5987b0783a8a · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub