[Chapel Merge] Resurrect and modernize the lsf-gasnetrun_ibv laun

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Revision: 101b80d
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #17098 from ronawho/resurrect-lsf-gasnetrun_ibv

Resurrect and modernize the lsf-gasnetrun_ibv launcher

[reviewed by @gbtitus]

It was originally removed in 329b75dfc1 due to lack of testing, but we now have
access to a machine to test it on again. Bring it back and catch it up with
other gasnetrun-based launchers:

  • Improve how processes are mapped to locales (apply 874d05a3a6)
  • Disable CPU binding (apply 3e43e04734)
  • Propagate environment variables (apply 9ea3845496 / a851011a1e)
  • Fix character set env var passing (apply cfc2c71d98)

This also adds a prediff to remove carriage returns because for some reason
LSF/bsub adds them. For more info about carriages returns being added see

Resolves https://github.com/Cray/chapel-private/issues/1584

Modified Files:
A runtime/src/launch/lsf-gasnetrun_ibv/Makefile
A runtime/src/launch/lsf-gasnetrun_ibv/Makefile.include
A runtime/src/launch/lsf-gasnetrun_ibv/Makefile.share
A runtime/src/launch/lsf-gasnetrun_ibv/launch-lsf-gasnetrun_ibv.c
A test/release/examples/benchmarks/shootout/mandelbrot-fast.skipif
A test/release/examples/benchmarks/shootout/mandelbrot.skipif
A util/test/prediff-for-lsf
M doc/rst/platforms/cray.rst
M doc/rst/usingchapel/launcher.rst
M util/test/start_test.py

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