[Chapel Merge] Respect the down domain's support for automatic lo

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Author: e-kayrakli
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Merge pull request #17077 from e-kayrakli/rank-change-ala-fix

Respect the down domain’s support for automatic local access

Enable automatic local access for slice and rank-change array views by e-kayrakli · Pull Request #17009 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub added support for automatic
local access using rank-change views. However, that support didn’t care whether
base domain supported that optimization. This PR fixes that.

[Reviewed by @bradcray]


  • [x] gasnet -sdistType=DistType.replicated in distributions/robust/arithmetic
  • [x] gasnet in optimizations

Modified Files:
M modules/internal/ArrayViewRankChange.chpl

Compare: Comparing 95f86c770d9d...37fb509d1af9 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub