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Author: vasslitvinov
Link: Report errors for improper args of 'sparse subdomain' by vasslitvinov · Pull Request #19058 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #19058 from vasslitvinov/sparse-parent-dom-err

Report errors for improper args of 'sparse subdomain'

Report an error upon sparse subdomain(x) where x is a type or not a domain.

This was motivated by my writing this innocent-looking code, which used to
produce an error message that is unhelpful and reveals implementation details:

var DR = [1..3];
var SS: sparse subdomain(DR);

To enable this, move some AST building logic from the parser into the modules.

r: @lydia-duncan

Modified Files:
A test/sparse/domains/parentNotDomainError.chpl

A test/sparse/domains/parentNotDomainError.good
A test/sparse/domains/parentNotValueError.chpl
A test/sparse/domains/parentNotValueError.good
M compiler/include/bison-chapel.h
M compiler/include/flex-chapel.h
M compiler/parser/bison-chapel.cpp
M compiler/parser/chapel.ypp
M compiler/parser/flex-chapel.cpp
M compiler/passes/convert-uast.cpp
M modules/internal/ChapelDomain.chpl

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