[Chapel Merge] Remove util/tokencount

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Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #19683 from ronawho/rm-util-tokencount

Remove util/tokencount

[ok'd by @bradcray]

Here's some history on why we counted tokens from Brad:

Early on in the project, when we were still wrestling with how to
measure software productivity, we talked about tracking the changes in
code size over time combined with increase in number of tests as rough
indicators of productivity (the code is changing and doing more over
time). Wanting to put our theories into practice, we measured the amount
of code in our repositories and graphed it.

However, we haven't used this in a long time, and we stopped running
the jobs that used these scripts back in 2020, so just remove the
directory now.

Closes Cray/chapel-private#1321

Modified Files:
R util/cron/token-count.bash

R util/tokencount/Makefile
R util/tokencount/checkdiff
R util/tokencount/countrange
R util/tokencount/tokctnightly
R util/tokencount/tokencount.c
R util/tokencount/tokencount.h
R util/tokencount/tokencount.l
R util/tokencount/tokencount.y
M util/buildRelease/smokeTest

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/2cc2b97f670f...9a27bc814ef1