[Chapel Merge] Refactor Mac docs for clarity

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Merge pull request #16327 from bradcray/mac-doc-refactor

Refactor Mac docs for clarity

[reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

As a result in some confusion expressed in issue #16269, I’ve taken
a pass over the Mac documentation to try to clarify it. I’ve also made
changes to the install-mac.html webpage in a separate effort to
avoid sending people to the Quickstart instructions prematurely,
which suggest they’ll need to build from source. See
https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/pull/16327 for screenshots of the

I spent some time thinking about what it would take to eliminate the arguable redundancy between these two pages, but ended up keeping it because I think the right way to get rid of the redundancy would be to eliminate the install-mac.html web page and have it point directly at the Mac-specific docs; but I think that this has the downside of not having a short-and-sweet version of the installation instructions for people who don’t need much hand-holding (say, experienced Chapel + homebrew users trying it on a Mac for the first time).

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M doc/rst/platforms/macosx.rst

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