[Chapel Merge] Rebrand "Cray Shasta" as "HPE Cray EX".

Branch: refs/heads/master
Revision: 7e4be62
Author: gbtitus
Log Message:

Merge pull request #16343 from gbtitus/rebrand-shasta

Rebrand “Cray Shasta” as “HPE Cray EX”.

(Reviewed by @ronawho.)

We have an official brandname for Shasta now: HPE Cray EX. Use that in
the appropriate places, and change the internal name from cray-shasta to
hpe-cray-ex as well.

While here, in the cross-compiling logic in the third-party Makefiles,
use hpe-cray-ex-unknown-linux-gnu instead of …-cle-linux-gnu for the
configure host type (target type, in Chapel parlance). This is the same
thing we do for Cray CS targets, and is a better match for EX systems
than what we do for XC ones.

Also while here, specify CHPL_LIBFABRIC=libfabric during the builds, so
we use the bundled libfabric. It’s not necessary/desirable to supply a
“system” one from outside the repo any more.

This resolves Cray/chapel-private#1208.

Modified Files:
A util/build_configs/cray-internal/setenv-hpe-cray-ex-x86_64.bash
R util/build_configs/cray-internal/setenv-shasta-x86_64.bash
M doc/rst/platforms/cray.rst
M runtime/src/comm/ofi/Makefile.share
M third-party/gmp/Makefile
M third-party/hwloc/Makefile
M third-party/jemalloc/Makefile
M third-party/libfabric/Makefile
M third-party/qthread/Makefile
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/chapel_build.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/chapel_package-cray.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/common.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-dev-releaseinfo.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-modulefile.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-rpmspec.bash
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-set_default.bash
M util/build_configs/package-common.bash
M util/chplenv/chpl_comm.py
M util/chplenv/chpl_compiler.py
M util/chplenv/chpl_cpu.py
M util/chplenv/chpl_libfabric.py
M util/chplenv/chpl_platform.py
M util/chplenv/third_party_utils.py
M util/config/gather-cray-prgenv-arguments.bash
M util/config/gather-pe-chapel-pkgconfig-libs.bash

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/5826b48056ca...7e4be62b7535