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Read CVS HowTo

This is a How-To about reading in CSV files. It includes comments that step someone through creating a list of maps for the CSV file (Pythonic approach) and creating an associative array with the key being the column name and the value being an array of strings (Chapeltastic approach).

In the 1.25 release this will be in the examples/patterns/ subdirectory. As we collect more HowTos, the goal will be to have a page of them in the documentation much like what is done with primers today.

[reviewed by @e-kayrakli who gave extensive feedback and lots of suggested improvements to the code including using some zippered iteration in the Chapeltastic approach]

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A test/release/examples/patterns/metadata-20lines.csv

A test/release/examples/patterns/readcsv.catfiles
A test/release/examples/patterns/readcsv.chpl
A test/release/examples/patterns/readcsv.cleanfiles
A test/release/examples/patterns/readcsv.compopts
A test/release/examples/patterns/readcsv.good
M test/release/examples/patterns/Makefile

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