[Chapel Merge] Move away from @cray.com email addresses

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Revision: 742c992
Author: bradcray
Log Message:

Merge pull request #16359 from bradcray/remove-cray-emails

Move away from @cray.com email addresses

[reviewed by @ronawho]

This PR updates the code base w.r.t. @cray.com email addresses as follows:

  • removed files that contained email addresses yet don’t seem all that
    important to the current workflow or software release. Specifically:

    • GOALS.md (I think we’re now far enough along not to need to advertise
      our goals apart from “take over the world”)
    • future_stats (I don’t think we use this anymore)
    • STATUS.devel (at this point, I think we’re pretty invested in GitHub issues
      and wouldn’t really encourage users to refer to this list anymore)
    • lookForTabs.cron (we just use lookForTabs now)

    Also updated things referring/relating to the above files, such as:

    • Makefile.devel
    • README.devel
    • README.files
    • FUTURES-semantic
    • gen_release
    • install.sh
  • removed plaintext email addresses from docs. Even though they had :disguise:
    tags on them, the fact that the .rst sources are in our repo and text sources on
    the website didn’t make this as effective as intended.

    • cygwin.rst
    • extern.rst
    • firstClassFns.rst
    • building.rst
    • chplenv.rst
    • tasks.rst
    • chpl-mode.el
  • removed plaintext emails from code as well:

    • */sparse.chpl
    • util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-dev-releaseinfo.bash
  • removed any mention of supporting a private bugs mailing list. I don’t think we’ve
    gotten enough activity on the list to warrant creating a replacement for it, and can
    consider doing so if/when the need arises.

    • bugs.rst
    • privatebugs.rst
  • updated scripts/docs that try to auto-infer a user’s email address and tack it onto a
    cray.com address in debug mode:

    • testRelease
    • README
    • nightly
    • tokctnightly
  • updated ${USER}@cray.com with ${USER}@hpe.com in start_opt_test which is
    not currently in-use, but a bit entangled in other scripts and mentioned as something
    we’d like to re-enable. Likely this will need more work before it’s useful/usable again,
    or removed altogether.

  • removed some text files of email conversations which I can’t
    recall why I would’ve intentionally put into the repository.


Modified Files:
R STATUS.devel
R doc/rst/usingchapel/privatebugs.rst
R test/FUTURES-semantic
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK-blc
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK2
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK2-blc
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK3
R test/studies/590o/blerner/FEEDBACK3-blc
R util/cron/lookForTabs.cron
R util/devel/test/future_stats
M Makefile.devel
M README.devel
M README.files
M doc/rst/platforms/cygwin.rst
M doc/rst/technotes/extern.rst
M doc/rst/technotes/firstClassFns.rst
M doc/rst/usingchapel/bugs.rst
M doc/rst/usingchapel/building.rst
M doc/rst/usingchapel/chplenv.rst
M doc/rst/usingchapel/tasks.rst
M highlight/emacs/chpl-mode.el
M test/release/examples/primers/sparse.chpl
M test/sparse/bradc/CSR/sparse.chpl
M util/buildRelease/gen_release
M util/buildRelease/install.sh
M util/buildRelease/testRelease
M util/build_configs/cray-internal/generate-dev-releaseinfo.bash
M util/cron/README
M util/cron/nightly
M util/cron/start_opt_test
M util/tokencount/tokctnightly

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