[Chapel Merge] Making changes to gcc testing

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Revision: fc00057
Author: Maxrimus
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Merge pull request #17175 from Maxrimus/removeGCCTesting1674

Making changes to gcc testing

-Removed testing for gcc 4.7, it wasn't actually testing 4.7 anymore
-Added checks on the remaining gcc versions to check that they're actually testing the proper versions
-Updated README to include an export for CHPL_NIGHTLY_DEBUG_EMAIL

Modified Files:
R util/cron/test-linux64-gcc47.bash
M util/cron/README
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc101.bash
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc49.bash
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc54.bash
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc63.bash
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc73.bash
M util/cron/test-linux64-gcc91.bash

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