[Chapel Merge] Make `_cond_test` a method for library-based types

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Merge pull request #17646 from bradcray/make-cond-test-a-method

Make _cond_test a method for library-based types

[reviewed by @vasslitvinov]

This PR addresses an issue in which importing a module with a type that can be used in conditionals could cause those conditionals to break. The reason for the issue is that we implement such checks as standalone functions (named _cond_test) and such standalone functions aren't brought into scope for import clauses unless they're named.

The fix I took here (which came out of a conversation with @mppf and @lydia-duncan) was to make these routines methods on the types in question (named chpl_cond_test_method so that any instance of the object would automatically have access to the method. To minimize the number of code changes required, I took the approach of checking for the presence of the method in the error overload of _cond_test and calling it if it existed (issuing the usual error if it does not). This avoided changes to the compiler and to the existing _cond_test implementations for automatic types (bools, ints, strings, etc.)

Going forward, we will want to consider whether user-defined types should be able to define themselves as being legal to use in a conditional which I've spun off into Should user-defined types be able to used in conditionals? And if so, how? · Issue #17645 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub.

Resolves #17633

Modified Files:
A test/errhandling/importConditionalSysErr.chpl

A test/errhandling/importConditionalSysErr.good
A test/interop/C/importConditionalCPtr.chpl
A test/interop/C/importConditionalCPtr.good
A test/regex/importConditional.chpl
A test/regex/importConditional.good
M modules/internal/ChapelBase.chpl
M modules/standard/CPtr.chpl
M modules/standard/Regex.chpl
M modules/standard/SysBasic.chpl
M test/modules/bradc/printModStuff/foo.good

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